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Things that our priorities are and here are the things we'll spend the money on. And so the more we spend on more policing, more incarceration, that means the less we're spending on other things that communities are crying for.


resources this they need to build stronger communities. Why don't we try those things? And human level is going to be fighting in the trenches in those local conversations, in conversations.


to say, let's focus on what these organizers and activists and community members are asking for and let's budget and manage the city accordingly.

fantastic. Looking forward to seeing those debates. One last question. We're out of time. Indulge me on this one. John, you could have stuck to your music and had a hugely successful career but you've spoken up for pretty unconventional causes. Prison reform as we mentioned. Mental health. Not the sexiest of topics. You're also one of the few a-list celebrities i've noticed in this country to speak out on behalf of the palestinians. How did that happen?

well, I think it all flows from the same place. I grew up reading the work of people like martin luther king and, you know, james baldwin, and all these great thinkers and activists and organizers who taught me what justice meant, what love meant in public, what equality meant. And when I see what's happening in palestine to the palestinian people where they're clearly not being able to experience the full rights that they deserve, and it's an extremely unfair and difficult life they're forced to live, I had to say something. It is not fair, not just. And given that israel is the recipient of so much american aid and support and is named as one of our strongest allies, we should hold them to a higher standard. And what they're doing with the palestinian people is not fair and it shouldn't be done in our name and with our resources contributing to it.

well said. We'll have to leave it there. John legend, thanks so much for your time tonight. I look forward to you announcing your senate campaign for dianne feinstein's seat in california on this show with me at some point in the near future.

don't hold your breath,

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