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Consolation prize, pretty soon, rosanna, his signature will be on all of the money.

Very nice. All right, let's talk about yesterday, because yesterday there was no controversy. We went to, first of all, reyos, it is a fantastic restaurant in east harlem.

This was to celebrate linda stacy's new book, and did you see that handsome guy talking to both of them?

That was you!

Am I that skinny these days?

You are so skinny.

I did not see a whiff of a double chin. [Laughter]

so by the way, there's linda stacy in the beautiful blue dress and nelson demille right next to her. Ron, who you see walking away from them, he is one of the owners. You can't get in there, and it's never open for lunch.

It's a legendary institution. Way up on east 114th street off of first avenue, and it is a great italian restaurant, legendary. They were nice enough to open the restaurant for a special lunch.

There's susan on the right who also runs reyos along with joe pell greenie, frankie pellegrino's wife.

The new book, "cuban affair," is out now.

And the book of judas, linda stacy and both nelson will be here to talk about their new books, but this was their book party, and it was like the who's who. Everybody from lesley stahl to gayle king was there. It was a lot of fun.

I had a blast, and then I took the subway home.

You did?

Not that much fun, rosanna, at 103rd street --

oh, there you are, standing up. Did you make sure you took your books?

I stayed until it was over. I stayed.

And did you eat your face off?

I had the meatballs, I skipped the pasta because i'm doing this no-carb thing.

Did you have the lemon chicken?

I got a couple of looks. I ate everything else except for the carbs. Reyos, thank you very much.

And lindy and nelson, we look forward to having you here to talk about your books.

So the train, yeah, we've got problems today. We had problems yesterday afternoon. I abandoned ship. How long can you wait on the

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